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Skilled people are the lifeblood of any business and here at PumpServ, we understand the importance of having a knowledgeable and highly trained workforce. Our customers expect our engineers to be suitably qualified to work safely and efficiently when on their premises undertaking the allotted tasks. Apprenticeships offer young people to learn valuable skills that will set them up for life....Read more
There must be something in the water at PumpServ because the 'family' has grown in recent months, and what a beautiful bunch they are....Read more
A national housing association called in PumpServ to investigate an ongoing problem with a sewage pumping station in South London. Find out how our engineers resolved the problem using smart pump technology....Read more
Only the three P's should be flushed, that's Pee, Poo and Paper. Wet wipes , cloths, paper kitchen towels, sanitary products do not breakdown, causing blockages either at the pump, the non return valves or in the rising main....Read more
PumpServ engineers were recently called to investigate low water pressure problems at a Bristol Residential building. The fault was traced to the control equipment that was overheating. Here is what our engineers found to be the problem and how they rectified it....Read more
With so many offices, shops and business premises closed or reduced to a skeleton staff as a result of the coronavirus lockdown, the chances of a catastrophic failure occurring when no one is around to notice is now greater than ever. For many years we have been providing clients with remote monitoring of their critical pumping equipment....Read more
There are only so many times you can turn your clothes inside out before they really have to be washed!...Read more
Have you ever driven down the motorway and seen an unusual large load and thought what on earth is that and where is it going?...Read more
During a recent routine service visit at a data centre on a dual pump “spill and fill” pressurisation and degassing unit with expansion vessels, the need for planned maintenance was never more apparent....Read more
Earlier in the month we invited our customers to enter a draw for a day at Lord's Cricket Ground. The lucky winner was Andrea Middleton of Indoor Climate Systems (UK) Limited who joined other guests for a very hot but enjoyable day of cricket....Read more